Hollywood Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton Reflects On Career

Stuntman Holland Hanton Says Oscars Should Recognize Stunt Performers In New Category


With over 50 films under his belt, Hollywood stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton has enjoyed performing in some of the biggest action films in the world.

“It was never really on the radar for me, I didn’t really even know you can become a professional stuntman.”

With a world-class level of gymnastics as his background, Holland Hanton pursued stunts after a stint as a semi-professional soccer player and then performing at live aerial gymnastic shows. It wasn’t until he saw a name that was familiar in the credits of James Bond: Casino Royale when he realized stunts may be for him. “I saw a name Marvin Campbell, who was an ex-gymnast himself, but he was next level in the Olympics. I did a bit of research and found out you can become a professional. You have to be elite in six disciplines and take tests to qualify. Once you qualify, you are then allowed to work in TV and Film.” says Holland Hanton.

Holland Hanton got his first taste in stunt work at the age of 23, and the rest is history. He was originally set to stunt double for Loki, but decided he wanted to emulate Thor. “In my head I doubled for James Bond, Batman, Green Lantern so I wanted to be Thor. I took it upon myself to train nonstop for 6 weeks before I got called in, I trained like a mad man.”

Holland Hanton has now enjoyed 11 years and running doubling as Chris Hemsworth in multiple films. He says he never expected to have the career he has had so far but says working hard on achieving the dream of being a successful stuntman was more than enough motivation. “In my head, I have to go for it. Give it all you got otherwise you regret and I am not taking away from playing Loki, I wanted to be Thor. I pushed myself to the next level and that’s what I did and luckily it’s paid off.”

As for the Oscars, Holland Hanton wishes there will be a stunt performance category. The academy has yet to create a category for stunt teams, and solo performers. “I hope one day soon it does and they figure out a way of rewarding those involved. I have certainly been an advocate, there’s no doubt there should be something in place.