Local Food Pantries See Increased Demand As Extra SNAP Benefits End

CHARLOTTE, N.C —  In 2022, Loaves and Fishes saw a 38 percent increase in need due to inflation, that coupled with the end of extra SNAP  benefits means there will be more families needing their help. 

Last year — Loaves and Fishes fed  more than 100,000 people — at least half of those were children and seniors. 

This  year they expect the need to be even greater. 

” Everyone in the food insecurity realm, we’re all bracing ourselves,” Loaves and Fishes Chief Operating Officer Danielle Moore said. 

   As of this month, people receiving SNAP will see a significant drop in their benefits. 

  The extra benefits approved by the federal government during the pandemic are now over in North Carolina, meaning the extra $95 a month many families were receiving is now gone.

” Last year about 40 percent of our clients received SNAP benefits and without that extra allotment that means organizations like ourselves are going to have to step up and fill in the gaps,” Moore said. 

 Food pantries are now stocking up their shelves and bracing for an increased demand for their help. 

” We have a warehouse full of food and we’re prepared for whatever comes,” Moore said. 

Danielle Moore, Chief Operating Officer of Loaves and Fishes said  it means they are relying on the community even more to help meet that need. 

” Because of the community and their generosity with food drives as well as  financial donations we’re able to stay afloat and continue to serve those in need,” Moore said.