Up ‘n Adam: Alpaca Yoga

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In the latest installment of Up ‘n Adam, Adam Wurtzel visits Good Karma Ranch to experience Alpaca Yoga!

First up, to learn about the Ranch, Adam met up with co-owner Shelly Walsh who owns the farm with her husband.  We learn how it all got started and why out of all animals, were alpacas the cute, cuddly animal of choice.

Then, it was time to stretch out and get ready for our first Yoga session with Down Dog Yoga & Wellness owner Detra Bennett.

Good Karma Ranch is a lot more than just yoga.  We then take a walk into their shop to learn about their products, and the benefits of alpaca fiber.

Finally, it was time to challenge ourselves to a crash course in all things Alpaca Yoga!

Click HERE to find out how you can try Alpaca Yoga for yourself, and all the other great things Good Karma Ranch are doing.