Beech Mountain Resort Closing Slopes This Weekend

Beech Mountain resort fell shy of 40 inches of snow this season

BEECH MOUNTAIN, N.C. — On average Beech Mountain Resort gets about 60 inches of snow per year. This season, they fell shy of that with roughly 40 inches.

Meteorologist Kaitlin Wright spoke to Talia Freeman, the Director of Marketing for Beech Mountain Resort, she says it has been a great season as technology with snow making continues to improve. “Snow making now compared to where it was ten years ago is a lot more efficient than it used to be so you can really get a lot of snow coverage in a short amount of time.”

There is a science to perfect snowmaking. They need to have a 32° Wet Bulb temperature. This is the temperature of adiabatic saturation or in other words, the combination of the actual air temperature and the amount of moisture in the air.

The closing day is scheduled for this Saturday, March 18th. There will be a community ride day this Saturday and a big celebration party for season pass holders.