Talk, Truth, Tea: “Living Single’s” Erika Alexander Touring HBCU’S W/ “The Big Payback” Doc

HOLLYWOOD, CA– In this morning’s “Talk, Truth, Tea”, ‘Living Single’s”, Erika Alexander is sharing her documentary about reparations with students at North Carolina HBCU’s. The film is called “The Big Payback“. Alexander will be heading to Livingstone College today after kicking off the debate series at Bennett College in Greensboro. The debate series was inspired by James Baldwin. The documentary focuses on the subject of reparations for African-Americans. Alexander challenges students on the need for reparations and whether or not they are truly necessary.

Rapper Rick Ross could soon become known as “Buffalo Bill”.  According to TMZ, the rapper’s Georgia estate has turned into a home where the buffalo roam. Ross has two buffalo on the 280 acre property. The animals were a gift from his business partner in 2022. Neighbors are complaining about the buffalo roaming onto their properties.