Worst Intersections in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE – CMPD’S Vision Zero task force scores crashes in the area by a KSI point system, also known as a “killed or seriously injured” score.

KSI is calculated as follows:

1 = serious motor vehicle crash

3 = serious bike or pedestrian crash

5 = fatality regardless of mode

(Courtesy of CMPD)

The crashes with the highest total points tend to take place at three repeat intersections.

Intersection KSI score
Wilkinson and Donald Ross 15
Billy Graham Parkway and West Blvd 13
West Blvd and Remount 11

(Courtesy of CMPD)

These three intersections are all within a mile of Charlotte Douglas, but CMPD isn’t convinced the airport is the only reason those intersections are the worst. Detective Justin Kupfer with the Major Crash Investigation Unit said that it’s because these three intersections are all a part of straight roads.

“There’s no curves coming leading up to them or anything like that,”: he said. “Speed is always a biggest factor for us, especially when it leads to fatality or very syndic serious injury crashes.”

Kupfer also believes that cell phone play a large roll in these types of crashes.

“A lot of people want to look at their cell phones, and then they don’t realize that the lights red, which then leads to that crash within the intersection.”

CMPD has advice for you to avoid these issues and lower the risk of accidents that seem pretty obvious, but always worth the reminder.

“People just need to slow down,” Kupfer says. “I mean, scientifically, it does not save you any time by speeding. You may save 30 seconds by going double the speed limit. It’s not going to save you minutes it’s not going to save you anytime like that.

For more information on the CMPD vision zero project and their efforts to make charlotte roads safer, click here.