“Talk, Truth, Tea”: Jonathan Majors Arrested For Assault & Lady Gaga Ain’t No Joke

HOLLYWOOD, CA– In this morning’s ” Talk, Truth, Tea”,”Creed III” and “Antman and The Wasp: Quantum Mania’s”, Jonathan Majors is having some legal trouble. The actor was arrested over the weekend on assault charges. A woman believed to be his girlfriend claims Majors strangled her. Police took Majors away in handcuffs after responding to the call in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Police say the woman did have minor injuries. Attorneys for Majors say he is innocent and that they expect the charges to be dropped. They also claim their is video evidence that will prove his innocence. The arrest has already affected his career. The U.S. Army has dropped Major from the ads for its new “Be All You Can Be” campaign.

Lady Gaga isn’t joking around. Fans are getting the first look at the singer as her character, Harley Quinn from the Joker sequel, “Folie A Deux”. The cast and crew has been spotted shooting around New York City. There aren’t very many details about the movie’s plot, but the pictures seem to show Gaga’s character walking into a courtroom surrounded by protesters showing their support for the character. Gaga’s costume was created by Academy Award winning costume designer Arianne Phillips.