Woman Doing A Good Deed For Mississippi Storm Victim

Meteorologist Kaitlin Wright helps connect a woman who feels compelled to help a Mississippi tornado victim.

CHARLOTTE, NC — A powerful EF-4 tornado with wind speeds up to 170 mph flipped Mason Long’s life upside down. His home left in ruins. All seemed lost for the Rolling Fork man — including his cat.

Mason’s father, Marty and him went back to the wreckage hoping to find his pet and anything else lost. When they arrived they were shocked to find the cat sitting on the pile of rubble that used to be his home, waiting for his owner to come back.

Marty took a heartwarming photo of Mason and his cat and shared it on Facebook. Meteorologist Kaitlin Wright then shared the photo on her Facebook page, and that is where Angela Doss saw it. Though in Indiana, Angela decided she wanted to help.

Angela reached out to Kaitlin who was able to connect the two so that she could lend a helping hand. She is sending a suitcase full of clothes to a man she has never met, but one who has lost everything.

Kaitlin asked Angela why she felt compelled to help and she said, “I’m sitting here looking at my stuff that I’m blessed with. And I thought, why am I just letting something sit here when people need what I have. There are compassionate people in the world. We see so much negativity and despair online and in movies and on TV. We need to get things out there that say hey, there are people that genuinely do care about the well-being of others.”