“Talk, Truth, Tea”: Ben Affleck Goes Viral Speaking Spanish & Bruce Beckham Puts A Cork In It

HOLLYWOOD, CA– In this morning’s “Talk, Truth, Tea”, Ben Affleck becomes a viral sensation after speaking Spanish during an interview discussing the movie, “Air”. Affleck shocked fans when he showed off his fluent skills. Some people think wife, Jennifer Lopez may have given him a Spanish lesson or two. But the truth is, Affleck learned to speak the language as a kid.

Brooklyn Beckham is making waves on social media. He posted a picture of him preparing Bolognese. When users took a real close look at the picture, they noticed there was a wine cork in the dish. Now, people didn’t seem to mind the dog being all up close to the cooking. But the wine cork had tghem up in arms. Beckham shared with everyone that adding wine corks to a dish makes them more tender.