New Safe Home Brings Hope To Women Following Incarceration

MINT HILL, N.C. — Every year, hundreds of women return to the Carolinas looking for a safe place to rebuild their lives.  A new Safe Home in the Charlotte area will soon welcome women who’ve spent many years behind bars.

Tiawana Brown, founder of the non-profit, ‘Beauty After the Bars’, was inspired after spending years in prison.

“Women come home, they don’t have housing, they don’t have a place to stay.  But, when it comes to Tiawana Homes it’s open with love for them,” says Tiawana Brown.

City and state leaders, local judges and community members joined together Thursday for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new facility located on Lawyers Road in Mint Hill.  10 formerly incarcerated women  will soon call it their new home.

Reentry housing is desperately needed in Mecklenburg County, with 23 women already on this SAFE home’s waitlist.

Beauty After the Bars is a member of the Safe Housing Network, an international collective of 32 organizations dedicated to offering reentry services to formerly incarcerated people.