Come-See-Me Festival Kicks Off in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL – Ever since Lee Hamilton was a kid, he remembers heading off to the Come-See-Me festival with his family every year.

Now as the festival chair, lee helps plan and carry out rock hill’s most popular spring event, with plenty of hard work and help from the community.

“It is truly a labor of love,” he says. “We expect to have around 130,000 attendees, which is if we beat that I’ll be thrilled. It’s a big festival  and for folks just out of the willingness to spend their time and efforts to do it, it’s just something we’re really excited about really proud of and something personally that i just love doing it.”

Different events line the streets and parks of rock hill for this ten day long extravaganza, everything from the mayors frog jump, to the road races and barbeque battle, and even gourmet gardens and hops at the park, featuring food trucks and cold brews galore.

The grand finale is the spectacle that all rock hill residents look forward to each year, that’s the tailgate party at Winthrop lake.

“That’s the biggest event by far, that’s a good one,” lee says. “It’s gonna be great John King Band is going to be there this year we got a we got a it’s a huge fireworks show that rivals any firework show you’ve seen.

The first event was last night with the opening parade, and the finale event will be on the 22nd.

Most events are free of charge, just check out their website here for more information.