“Talk, Truth, Tea”: Jamie Foxx May Have Suffered Stroke & Is Snoop Dogg A Genius?

HOLLYWOOD, CA–In this morning’s “Talk, Truth, Tea”, there are reports that Academy Award winner, Jamie Foxx may have suffered a stroke. The actor was hospitalized last week because of a medical condition according to his oldest daughter, Corrine. He remains hospitalized this morning in Atlanta. Foxx was there working on his Netflix action-comedy, “Back In Action” alongside Cameron Diaz. A number of celebrities like LeBron Jsmes, Marin Lawrence and Kerry Washington have sent well wishes.

We know that Snoop Dogg is a musical genius, but it looks like he’s just a regular genius too. The rapper whose real name is Calvin Broadus revealed that he has an IQ of 147. That number means that your intelligence is highly superior.