Kitten Baby Shower At Animal Care & Control

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CHARLOTTE, NC (News Release) — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control Division (AC&C) is inviting you to join our kitten baby shower at the Animal Care & Control Adoption Center tomorrow, April 21st, 2023, at 1:00 PM at 8315 Byrum Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217.

Kitten season, which typically ranges from late March to October, is extremely busy for the shelter, with hundreds of mostly orphan kittens under 2 pounds in AC&C’s care at any given time. With the help of dedicated volunteers and fosters, last year during kitten season AC&C sheltered and raised 1,154 kittens!

With the population of Charlotte rising, AC&C’s overall animal intake has steadily increased. The cost of all the supplies needed to save kittens and other animals has risen substantially, which is why the shelter is asking for donations to help keep the kitten program running.

To raise a one-day-old bottle-baby to an adoptable, 2lb toddler, we require an estimated 112oz of kitten milk replacement, 34 cans of kitten pate, and approximately 3 lbs of kibble. In total, each kitten costs about $152 to raise to adoptable age.

CMPD AC&C needs your help to ensure that these small, fragile kittens are receiving the best care possible during their time of critical development.

Ways to help:

  • Visit the CMPD AC&C website to donate to the Kitten Supply Fund.
  • Visit the Amazon kitten-supply wishlist for the items that are most needed items.
  • Sign up with AC&C to be a kitten-care volunteer or a kitten-foster parent! Visit the shelter website for more information on the volunteer application and the foster application process.
  • Adopt a kitten!