CMPD Cold Case Division Has Hope In Solving 13-Year-Old Cold Case Murder

Hinton Family Grateful CMPD Will Not Rest Until Finding Roosevelt Hinton's Killer


It’s been 13 years since Roosevelt Hinton was shot and killed in broad daylight at a bar he owned in Charlotte – The Getaway Lounge. Anyone who knew Hinton would tell you he was known for his larger than life personality, a man of faith that brought joy to family and friends.

“It worries me to death, I need some sort of closure. We don’t know nothing, sometimes I am afraid to go out of the house.” said Roosevelt’s wife, Ernestine Hinton.

Roosevelt’s son, Jimmy says he was a good father. “Can’t say anything bad about him. He wasn’t perfect but he always kept clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads, and food in our mouths.”

Although it’s been 13 years since his father’s death, Jimmy remembers like it was yesterday. “He was over there catching beer trucks at the time, whoever did it knew him because he had gotten inside the business.”

CMPD Cold Case Division is still actively working Roosevelt’s case. CMPD Cold Case Detective Matt Hefner says looking back into the case, he saw the detectives at the time did a great job collecting evidence. “The detectives did good work collecting DNA evidence from things that they knew only Roosevelt or the bad guy in this case might have touched. There was DNA submitted with new technology hoping we will get a break, so far that hasn.t come.” said Hefner.

One compelling piece of evidence though was the car used by the killer. A late 1990’s Honda civic that had a jarring phrase etched into the paint that would definitely turn heads and have people talking.

“The words “f*** the war” were scratched into the paint. We think that is unique, and is going to be a key to this case. Someone has had to see that car, know something about that car. That’s why we are asking for information. Riding in traffic, whoever was driving this car had friends who would have probably joked about it telling them you have got to get this off the car.” said Helms.

For Roosevel’t family, they know the CMPD Cold Case Division is doing all they can to solve Hinton’s murder giving the Hinton family closure.

“The police never stop looking, they are always looking and I really appreciate that.  Not only for our family, but everybody’s families. I think they have done all they can though, one day we will have closure.  I may not be around to see it, but I think one day it will come true.” said Jimmy.

For Hinton’s wife Ernesteen, she just wants someone to come forward with information.
“I just wish if someone out there knows something, they need to say something. Do something to help us out in some kind of way.”