Several Businesses Impacted by Massive Fire in Downtown Statesville

STATESVILLE, N.C. — Dozens of firefighters from several agencies responded to a massive fire in downtown Statesville shortly after 2:00 on Tuesday morning.

Witnesses say the fire started at GG’s Art Frames Gifts on W Broad St. and spread to several other buildings.

Firefighters say three buildings suffered fire damage. Other buildings are still being monitored as firefighters continue putting out hotpots.

Crews are still investigating how the fire started. The SBI and State have also been called in to help.

We spoke with the owner of nearby AJ’s Discounts, Meadow Fogle, who tells us many people live in their shops.

“My heart dropped because our shop is downtown. They said the windows were blown out and I don’t know what else is wrong. It worries me because that’s my brother’s shop… he’s disabled. I don’t know if our friends are okay or not because they live right across the street in their shop. It’s scary!”, says Fogle.

Statesville Fire Department’s Deputy Chief, Glenn Kurfees says, no one was inside the buildings at the time of the fire nor did anyone live in the shops affected.

Troutman, Mooresville, Hickory and West Iredell are among the many agencies who responded. About 75 personnel from those departments were on scene as well as EMS, Police and City Leaders.

American Renaissance School in Downtown Statesville is closed Tuesday due to how close the fire is to the school. School leaders say there is no damage to the building.

The square in downtown Statesville will be closed to traffic for most of the day.