NCHSAA Committee Approves Policy Allowing High School Athletes To Profit Off Their Name, Image, Likeness

UPDATE (5/3/2023 8:45pm):

The State Senate voted in favor of blocking the NCHSAA NIL decision.

The bill passed today would give only the State Board of Education the power to govern the NIL agreements. That bill now goes to the House for a vote.

Starting July 1st, student-athletes can get paid for things like autographs, camp appearances and commercial endorsements as long as it doesn’t deal with guns, drugs, or drinking.

With this decision, school personnel cannot use NIL as a means for recruitment or enrollment.

“I think what NIL does if they’re educated on it and sold to them in the proper way is that it gets them more interested in the academics side because now they’re going to go out and try to get deals,” said Ryan Schachtner.

Schachtner started, A Must Win, a company that helps student-athletes find NIL deals. He believes this new measure will only benefit a few students in the Tar Heel state for now.

“We’re talking about the five star who already has name notoriety and already has the following and they just can’t monetize it yet,” explained Schachtner.

Opponents of the decision believe students will focus to much on athletics and not enough on academics. On the 704 High School Highlight Podcast, CMS Sports Director Erica Turner told our Jeff Taylor she didn’t like the idea.

” I think we entice the kids with money. Especially those kids who probably struggled growing up that of course say I can help my family pay some bills but I think we need to educate our kids about sustaining. That money is going to run out one day,” said Turner.


RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Committee approves a policy that will allow high school athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeness (NIL). The board met Wednesday, May 3rd and approved a plan that will go into effect on July 1st.

Several other states also have the same policy in place. Additionally, the board talked about adding a shot clock and moving to a final four style format in basketball, and conducting composite tests on softball bats.

The NIL deal comes on the heels of college athletes having the ability to profit off things like their jersey sales and other NIL opportunities. The NCAA approved the college NIL deal in 2021.

Specifics on how the NIL policy will be enforced on the high school level in North Carolina aren’t available at this time. This is a developing story. Check back for updates.