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The CW Television Network features Supergirl, The Flash, Jane The Virgin, iZombie, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Originals, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The 100, Reign, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Frequency, No Tomorrow and Riverdale.

WCCB-TV is The CW affiliate for the Charlotte DMA.



Peaking – Kelly McGarry & Carson Storch

A look is taken as Nicholi Rogatkin, an American professional bike rider from Lincoln, Mass., tries to get past the memory of one of the worst crashes in the history of freeride mountain biking as he prepares for the Red Bull Joyride, on Peaking tonight at 9 PM on WCCB Charlotte's CW. 

Pandora – 2 Hour Season Finale

Picking up the pieces from the attack on the Fleet Training Academy by Leone Vokk, Jax and Xander must confront Tierney to stop her sinister plans for galactic domination on the 2 hour season finale of Pandora, 8 PM tonight on WCCB Charlotte's CW. 

Mysteries Decoded "Bigfoot" – Season Finale

Jennifer Marshall, a U.S. Navy veteran who became a private investigator, partners with cryptozoologist Andrew Sanford to investigate alleged evidence of Bigfoot, a hairy, upright-walking, ape-like creature of North American folklore on the season finale of Mysteries Decoded, tonight at 9 PM on WCCB Charlotte's CW.

Hypnotize Me "Sport"

Things take a turn when one contestant thinks he is a streaker during “Wacky Golf” and when another turns into a super-jock in the locker room. Hypnotize Me is all new tonight at 9 PM on WCCB Charlotte's CW.