Chef Troy

Kicking Up Your Cookout with Two Great Side Dishes

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Back to Basics with Chef Troy's Homemade Pizza

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A Favorite Family Recipe that will Please the Italian Taste Buds

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Chef Troy Goes Traditionally Untraditional With A Banh Mi Sandwich

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Light Refreshing Summer Salads...Chef Troy Style

Preparing fresh summer salad dishes without all of the leafy greens. Read More »

Chef Troy Holds Release Party for His New Cookbook 'Psuedo Southern"

Chef Troy held a book release party in Cornelius on Thursday night for the launch of his cookbook "Psuedo Southern - A Playful Twist on Southern Cooking." Read More »

Chef Troy Gets 'Chopped' with Five Secret Ingredients

Five secret ingredients will give Chef Troy a challenge to create four great dishes in only two hours Read More »

Chef Troy Cranks Up the Outdoor Grill for Some Mouth Watering Baby Back Ribs

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Quick Appetizers to Prepare for Your Graduation Celebration

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Quick and Easy Cinco De Mayo Recipes from Chef Troy

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Two Great Recipes from Chef Troy's CookBook 'Psuedo Southern'

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Chef Troy Prepares Two Favorite Mexican Dishes with Ease and Flair

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Asparagus 2x4 with Chef Troy's Two Dishes and Same Four Ingredients

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Chef Troy is Rolling Into Spring with Spring Rolls

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Enjoying a Spring Break Picnic Chef Troy Style

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