Local Fashion Designer Overcomes Bullying

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.- First Lady Michelle Obama wears some of the finest fashions from designers all over the world.  Keep watching her style selections.  We may soon see her in a gown from a local Charlotte fashion designer.  Kevin Carter is an up and coming young fashion designer who’s passion is flourishing.

Kevin Carter does not have fond memories of high school, “I saw a death threat written on my desk.”

The shy kid remembers being bullied in 9th grade.  He says kids laughed at him and threw things at him because of his clothes, “I used to regret waking up because then I would have to go to school.”

He says his depression got so bad he even attempted suicide.  When 10th grade came around, he decided enough was enough.  The negative experiences Kevin went thru at school ultimately fueled his passion to become a fashion designer.

Kevin says diving into fashion was the best thing for him.  His first fashion creation was a jean jacket he found at a thrift store.  He cut the sleeves and glued leggos on the back, “When I made that and wore it in out to the general public it was a completely different reaction then when I got it in school.

He says overcoming the struggles in high school gave him strength.  Since graduating last year, he launched his first collection, featured one of his designs at Paris Fashion Week, and he’s happy to share First Lady Michelle Obama has one of his gowns at the White House, “One day really soon hopefully she’ll be wearing it.”

This Saturday (September 28) Kevin Carter is holding a seminar called Art and Instruction.  The event will be held at ImaginOn’s Wells Fargo Theater from 2-4pm.