Man on the Edge – Ladies Love Tatts!

This video is no longer available.

Tattoos!  They make a statement about the person who’s sporting them.  Something so personal and important, that you want to share it with everyone forever.  It used to be that tattoos were something you only saw on dudes.  Manly men who put up with the pain to sport some ink.  But the times are changing, and so is the profile of the average person who’s getting tatted up.  They’re decidedly more “feminine”.  

Ladies love the tatts!  Just not on guys.  Turns out, more women than men are getting tattoos these days: 23 percent, in fact.  While only 19 percent of fellas are getting inked up.  Of course, the study didn’t say where the tattoos are, so you’ll have to guess.  It just says that ladies lead the pack in numbers.  But that is a big difference from the statistics back in the day.  

Until about 25 years ago, it was almost always men getting inked.  And the reasons varied almost as much as the people getting them.  Maybe it was just to look tough, or to remember some military service, or to show allegiance to a particular group.  But more and more, it’s been about artistic expression.  And that might be where the ladies come in.  Generally speaking, women’s tattoos have been less “statement”, and more “art”.  And obviously, there’s more of it.  

So our own inked-up individual, Robert Wilder, hit the streets to see if getting a tattoo is becoming a “girly” thing…