Man on the Edge – The Food on the Floor Formula

This video is no longer available.

Check out the morning weatherman at WFSB in Connecticut, trying to prove how wild and crazy he is, by picking up what he thought was Grape Nuts on the studio floor, and eating them for a hilarious TV “moment”.  Except that it wasn’t Grape Nuts, it was some cat barf he had tracked from his house.

The Edge is far too classy to go any further than that with this story…  But, it did make us wonder what it would take for you to eat something off the floor?  Something that isn’t barf, clearly.  Our staff of Edge scientists have come up with this mathematic formula:

[(deliciousness + amount) – exterior stickiness] ÷ (dirtiness – time on floor) = pickup & eatability

To wit, a peanut butter M&M is fine to eat after it’s on the floor; a banana slice is not.  And if you need more proof, our Man on the Edge has it…