Meth Lab Explosion Nearly Destroys York County Mobile Home

This video is no longer available.
CLOVER, SC – Not much is left of this mobile home in Clover, South Carolina.
Robert Carpenter says he heard a loud explosion just before it burst into flames.
“A big boom at my house. I live, say, two blocks (away). It rocked my house. It woke me up,” Carpenter explains.
Investigators say Doyle Daily and Casey Stiles.. both from Gaston County.. were operating a meth lab on the property.
Tonight the two are in the York County Jail.
When Sheriff’s Deputies arrived they found the two men lying in the road near the driveway, Daily with severe burns on his hands.
“It was really a shock because we thought it was just an empty house and nobody was doing anything over there,” says neighbor Darlene Childers.
Childers and her neighbors say they hadn’t seen any activity at the house for several months.
“I’ve been here 13 years and I always thought I lived in a safe neighborhood. I never dreamed anybody would be making meth across the road from me,” she explains.
People living nearby call it ‘irresponsible’ to put so many others in danger.
“Yeah, could be an explosion and I mean what would have happened if the fire would have spread to other people’s houses? You know, I mean what would you have done?” asks Vanessa Dickerson.
“Well it’s dangerous, not good. They’re putting other people’s lives in jeopardy here. Not only theirs but ours too, we got kids that play around here,” Carpenter says.
Detectives have not charged the owner of the house.