Police Make Arrest in East Charlotte Murder

This video is no longer available.
UPDATE: Police have charged Jarius Henley for the murder of Zhonton Berry.
CHARLOTTE, NC – Wayne Johnson says he’s still coming to grips with the death of his friend Zhonton Berry.
“He was never about that drama life. He was always about his family, wanted to take his family and friends, you know he was a good dude, hands down,” Johnson says.
He and his friends say they knew Berry as “J” and describe him as a good guy, despite several assault arrests over the past couple of years.
“He always, ‘turn up, turn up,’ always wanna turn up and have a good time,” Johnson explains.
Police say they found Berry shot Thursday morning inside this unit at the Heritage Park Apartments on Snow Lane.
“For that to happen to him, man, it’s messed up,” says Lamont McIntyre.
McIntyre says he knew Berry for years.
“Always play sports with each other, hung out with each other. That’s it we just got along with everybody, hung out every day,” he says.
Neighbors here say he treated them like family.
“10 years. 10 years. He was a good friend, man. If I needed a ride, anything, he’d come get me, he’d stop what he doing and come get me man,” says Ced Williams.
Detectives were dealing with a chaotic scene as they conducted their investigation.
Police arrested several people and brought them down to headquarters after a brawl broke out not far from the crime scene.
We saw several people being put in handcuffs and questioned.
Police say those arrested will be charged with public afray.