Waiting Child: Laila

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- In this week’s Waiting Child segment we introduce you to Laila.  Her life changed when her teacher made the decision to adopt her.  It’s a gift Laila hopes all kids can experience.

Meet Laila, she’s a fourth grader full of energy.  She reads a least 3 books a week, but only if they’re action packed, “I like to draw, I like to paint, I like to play, I just like to be active.”

Cruceta Jeffeirs taught Laila in head start, but never imagined she would become her adoptive mother, “Her mother asked the question would you consider.”

That request got Cruceta thinking.  She says fear started sinking in, could she give Laila everything she needs?  Could she be a single parent?

Laila’s biological mother reassured her, “She said that she seen my heart and she wanted her child safe.”

Laila still has a relationship with her biological mother.  Cruceta says it works great for their family.  Now Laila has not one but two moms, “I like hanging out with my sisters and my friends.  In my old one I didn’t have anyone to play with but a cat and two squirrels.”

Cruceta defines the experience with one word– happy!  She learned she’s a lot stronger than she thought, ” Do it!  It will make you a better person and you’re going to get as much reward out of it as that child.”