Local Advocacy Group Demands 3rd Party Investigation into Union Co. DSS

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MONROE, N.C. – Not only did Wanda Sue Larson not care about the living conditions of her own five kids, but also the children of Union County. That, according to Jeff Gerber, the founder of the Justice for All Coalition. “We’re asking that the federal authorities come in, review her files, especially the files that have been closed. Many cases have either been not investigated, (or) have been partially investigated,” says Gerber.

Susan Stafford agrees. She’s a former Union County Child Protective Services investigator and a former hospital social worker. She regularly referred suspected child abuse cases to Larson and describes her as “difficult” to work with. WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty asked Stafford, “What did she do that was specifically difficult?” Stafford replied, “Well, her name was always on there, the report, as being unsubstantiated because she was the supervisor.” Fogarty asked, “So she was unwilling to even consider that they maybe need to do some follow up investigation?” Stafford replied, “Right. Right.”

Deputies say Larson’s own children lived in her Monroe home full of trash and feces. One boy in her care was reportedly handcuffed to her porch with a dead chicken tied to his neck. “Wanda Sue Larson is the tip of the iceberg. I do not believe that she is intelligent enough to perpetrate these things that she’s done on her own,” says Suzanne Schooler. Schooler was one of about a dozen critics of social service departments to gather Monday at a news conference.

Leslie Davenport and her granddaughter Kilah were also there. Kilah was three when police say she was severely abused by her stepfather. Leslie says, “We 100 percent back Jeff Gerber and the Justice for All Coalition in this endeavor to get answers and to fight.”

Larson remains behind bars on more than half a million dollars bond. The county fired her on Friday. Her long-time boyfriend, Dorian Harper, also remains behind bars. He is a CMC nurse and has been placed on administrative leave.