Man on the Edge: Do Men Make Better Bosses?

This video is no longer available.

American workers were asked, and they answered: who would you rather have for a boss: a woman, or a man?  A full 35 percent say a man.  Only 23 percent would prefer a woman.  Although 40 percent say they don’t really care either way.  But the overall single preference is for a man to be the boss.

And before you think it was all “good ol’ boys’ club” members answering the poll, know this: a new survey also shows more women are working than ever before.  At 67.5 million, we’re seeing the highest number of women working in U.S. history.  That number is still less than men workers, at 69 million, but the numbers don’t fall in line with the statistical difference in a preference for a male boss.

So why do more workers prefer a male boss?  Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, put that to the people…