Man on the Edge: Parking Lot Rage!

This video is no longer available.

There’s no other time of the year when parking gets as crazy as it is right now.  Unless you’re buying every single thing online, it’s something you have to deal with at some point.  The problem is, some people have better parking lot etiquette than others.

The countdown is on for Christmas shopping.  There’s only a smidge more than a week to do it.  And if you’re one of the smart people who gets it all done early, you’re in a very small minority.  A survey out today shows that 87 percent of people celebrating Christmas haven’t done any shopping yet.  Ninety-five percent of parents say they’ll wait until the very last minute, hoping for a deal.

And that means the parking lot situation is likely to get worse as the days tick off.  According to police observers, road rage is just as likely to happen in a parking lot as it is on the highway.  When you pack the holiday pressures into the swirling mess of bad drivers and thoughtless actions, something’s gotta give.

For some reason, some people seem to lose all sense of awareness or fairness in the parking lot: taking up two spots, or walking down the middle of the traffic lane.  So we hit the streets to ask: what are your parking lot peeves during the holiday shopping season?