Man on the Edge – Rethinking Amusement Rides?

This video is no longer available.

The thing that’s supposed to be fun about rides at the state fair is that you only feel like you’re in danger.  But five people got flung out of illusion and into reality Thursday night in Raleigh.  One person is in critical condition, one serious, and three others are “doing okay” after the Vortex malfunctioned.

It’s sill not clear why the Vortex started up as people were getting off, but amusement ride malfunctions are not uncommon.  Just three months ago, Carowinds’ “Windseeker” had a problem that left people stranded for about an hour.  Scary, but nobody was hurt.  But that’s not always the case.  Just this year, there have been dozens of people injured on amusement rides, and at least four deaths around the country, according to the watchdog website

Couple that with the accident at the fair, and our Man on the Edge wants to know if you’re starting to rethink amusement rides…