Man on the Edge: Taking Pranks Too Far?

This video is no longer available.

It’s the latest “hilarious” prank trying to take the Internet by storm.  Short version: guy pranks girlfriend by saying he cheated on her.  Then she pranks him back, saying she cheated him.  He gets upset, she says she was joking because she knew he was pranking her… and frankly, we think the whole thing is a fake, trying to prank anyone watching it.  The trifecta would be complete.  But where does it all end?

 YouTube fame has upped the ante for pranksters thinking they’re the next “Punk’d”.  One posted Monday has guys pretending to stab someone with a retractable fake knife.  Witnesses called police and EMTs, even tried to tackle the fake assailant.  And FYI, this is from the same group of guys who pretended to choke on food for a video last week.  Classy.

 There’s no joking around with our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, who hit the streets to ask the people of Charlotte what they think about overblown pranks…