Man on the Edge: Who’s Had the Worst Week?

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The weekend is finally here!  And we can put this one behind us now.  Some people probably feel that way a little more than others: people who’ve made the headlines for the most outrageous stuff this week.  And we’ve got our microscope focused on three of them.

Let’s start with the biggest hot head in Hollywood: Alec Baldwin.  MSNBC gave him a two-week suspension today for his outrageous homophobic rant leveled at a photographer covering his stalker trial.  Along with losing two week’s pay from his talk show gig (which won’t affect him at all) Alec is losing cred with some of the liberal groups who’ve always supported him.  And that could cost him in the long run.

Contestant Number Two: Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford.  As of today, the Toronto City Council stripped the majority of his authority, since they can’t kick him out of office.  But it isn’t just the crack smoking they’re fed up with, he’s also accused of sexually harassing a coworker, and we also saw video of him threatening to kill somebody while he was incredibly drunk this week.

And our final contestant is another political type: President Obama.  The Affordable Health Care Act seems to be unraveling.  Today, dozens of Democrats in the house sided with Republicans, voting to force the President to let people keep their existing health care, which the President had to eat some crow for earlier in the week.

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, can feel all their pain.  But which one of them has it the worst this week: Alec Baldwin, the Crack-Smoking Mayor, or President Obama?