Man on the Edge: Why Have a Christmas Tree with No Kids?

This video is no longer available.

The whole point of A Charlie Brown Christmas is that the tree and decorations are not what makes Christmas, Christmas.  But having a tree is still one of those things we do to put us in the spirit of the season.  There’s nothing like seeing a child’s eyes light up at the magic of a Christmas tree, but what if there are no kids around to feel the magic?

Obviously, this is the only time of year that tree growers have a market, and they take full advantage of it.  There’s a tree lot on every corner of every block in every town in America.  In fact, up to 36 million trees are sold every year.

But here’s the thing: Christmas trees aren’t really for grown-ups, which is probably one reason only 10 percent of the country buys them.  They’re there for kids who need a spot for Santa to leave some swag.  They’re messy, take a lot of care, and they’re a fire hazard.  And a pain to get rid of.

But on the other hand, Christmas trees are beautiful reminders of of the season that you decorate with little keepsakes that tell a family history.  And where else are you going to stack all the presents for everyone?  But the main thing is: they’re magical, and help infuse kids with a sense of awe for the season!

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, loves a tree… but he has a kid.  So what do you think?