Man on the Edge: Your Opinion of the TSA Now?

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Target: TSA.  The nation’s airline system entered into a frenzy today because of deadly violence at Los Angeles International Airport.  A gunman shot one worker and injured several others at LAX, before being shot himself and taken into custody.  His intent: to take out TSA agents.

TSA agents have been the focal point for a lot for frustration since the agency was put into place.  But today, reports are that a man with a grudge against the agency wanted to take out its workers for good.  And one agent is dead as a result.  23-year-old Paul Ciancia is in custody, but there are still more questions than answers.

The TSA is in a precarious position, charged with passenger safety, but executing that in a way many feel is a violation of rights.  We’ve all heard the stories about children and elderly people being pulled out of line for additional random searches, as well as reports of misconduct by agents.  That’s the kind of thing that infuriates people.

But people with a little more sympathy to the job wonder why agents don’t have more responsibility, more training, and have their own weapons to prevent violence.  Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, spoke with some Charlotte passengers today to get their opinions on the TSA in light of the shooting…