Pots for Paws

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.- A local 12-year-old girl is inspiring others.  She’s using her passion for art to help dogs at the humane society of Charlotte.

Anna Spado is a seventh grader but she already has a thriving nonprofit called Pots for Paws.  So far she’s raised over $2,000.  All the money goes to the Humane Society of Charlotte, “It felt really good to be able to help the animals cause they don’t have anyone waiting for someone to adopt them.”

It all started when Anna asked her mom for another dog.  Instead of adding to the family, her mom suggested helping dogs that don’t have homes.  Anna started raising money anyway she could, “My first cupcake sale and bake sales and lemonade sales I went down there when I brought my first donation and I saw all the animals and it made me want to do some thing even bigger.”

And so her business was born! Mom donated her left over pottery scraps and Anna started making doggy bowls to sell.  Then it turned into doggy magnets, vases, hanging ornaments and even plaques.  the prices vary from $3-10 bucks, “My first sale my goal was 200 dollars and I ended up raising one thousand.” 

Humane Society Shelter Manager Matt Smith says everyone’s grateful for Anna’s contributions, ” It’s really rewarding you’re never too young to contribute. At animal welfare we need people to start at a very young age and hopefully it will continue through the rest of their lives and they can spread the word.”