Would you customize your new Toyota with these inventions?

Did you know that you can customize your new Toyota in N Charlotte? Whether you want a new Toyota truck or a brand new hybrid, it’s easy to find a vehicle that best meets your individual preferences. Not only that, but you also have the option to further customize your ride by getting different auto parts and accessories! In fact, we sell many genuine Toyota parts and other items for you to do this at our Toyota dealership! 

Perhaps most drivers think that the only way to customize a car is by getting special auto parts and making exterior modifications, like many new Scion in N Charlotte have. However, there are a few new gadgets that have come out recently that some drivers might be interested in trying out! 

Which gadget do you want in your new Toyota in N Charlotte? 

Sometimes it can be easy to think the only new features you can add to the interior of your new Toyota in N Charlotte are some new floor mats, or perhaps upgrading the audio system. Have you heard of any of these inventions though? 

  • Espresso Maker: The Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker is exactly what it sounds like – but with a twist! It looks like a big thermos, and has a special plug that can be used to be plugged into the 12V outlet in your car. After you plug it in, you just have to add water and the special coffee pod, and fresh espresso is ready to drink in just a few minutes!
  • Pizza Oven: The Porta-Pizza Oven is a portable pizza oven that can be used in a car! This small oven can do more than cook frozen pizzas, though. It also has a low setting that’s perfect for heating up leftovers. 
  • LED Car Sign: How many times have you wished you could communicate with other drivers on the road? With the LED Car Sign, you can! It gives drivers the option of displaying messages and even graphics for other drivers to see on the road. 
  • Vroominator: Sometimes drivers wish they could take home a two-door sports car, but opt to get a more dependable and reliable vehicle that doesn’t have as much muscle – like the 2014 Toyota Corolla near Charlotte! About 80 percent of its models that have been sold in the past twenty years are still on the road today! However, if you want the sound of a muscle car without actually HAVING a muscle car, the Vroominator may be right for you! It delivers the sound of a muscle car that doesn’t have a powerful engine underneath the hood already. 

Customize your N Charlotte Toyota today!

If you want to customize your new Toyota, then we’re here to help! While we don’t have these crazy gadgets for sale at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, there are many other customized options drivers can explore!  

Come visit us at 13429 Statesville Road to learn more, check out the genuine Toyota parts we have to offer, and to see how can you customize your car today! 



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