Parents, Drivers Push Through Major Traffic Jam

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CORNELIUS, N.C.– Monday was not the smoothest start of the school year in Susan Silberman’s van. 

“It’s horrible,” said Silberman. “I’ve got four kids in the back!” 

Hostility grew along with traffic. 

“Now I can understand how road rage can happen,” said Steve Greif. 

People were stuck in traffic before school, after school and after work. Cars were bumper to bumper on the Interstate 77 overpass at

Catawba Ave.

while crews finish the diverging diamond interchange. 

“This is a nightmare. We knew last week it’d be worse this week,” said Silberman. 

A spokesperson with the Department of Transportation says the agency spoke with Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools last month, warning  that the first day of school would be slow-moving with more traffic on the road. 

 It took many drivers nearly an hour to travel one mile Monday. 

“The problem is, they should be working on this bridge at night time,” said Greif. However,  the DOT says the funds aren’t there for 24-hour construction. All it can do is make sure the traffic lights are changing properly. The goal is to get 35 cars through each light. 

“We sat through that light in the front three times being the front person in line, not even being able to turn,” said Silberman.  


She hopes to beat the traffic jam by taking her children to school earlier in the morning.