The Snark Report with Derek James: Kim K, Donte Stallworth, Kaley Cucco and a Mickey D Makeover

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – “GQ’s” “Woman of the Year”, Dante Stallworth finally gets a new job,  Kaley’s nude pic and Sedona’s serene ambience.

Kim K proves that being GQ’s “Woman of the Year” doesn’t take a whole lot of smarts.

The Huffington Post hires former NFL wide receiver Dante Stallworth…as a political expert? 

And if you didn’t love Kaley Cucco-Sweeting before, you gotta love her now as she frolics on the beach with her hubby.  Hey Kaley, did you guys forget something?

The McDonald’s golden arches seem to be upsetting the ambience in the town of Sedona, Arizona. 

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