Take a look at the history of the N Charlotte Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra in N Charlotte is undoubtedly one of the most iconic sports cars to ever hit the market. Its unique exterior and superb performance truly set it apart from a big chunk of the automotive industry! While it may no longer be a part of the Toyota lineup, this Toyota near Charlotte truly made a name for itself back in the day. This Toyota was discontinued a while back now, and people are still wondering if Toyota will be following up with another sports car. We may not know the answer to that question, but we DO know that this N Charlotte Toyota is something worth getting to know.

Take a look back at the history of the Toyota Supra and understand why this car is loved by many!

The N Charlotte Toyota Supra has a rich history

If you’re a fan of sports cars, you might already know how progressive this Toyota is. Created in 1979 and being created and modeled after the Toyota Celica in N Charlotte, this vehicle bested its sibling with a more robust body and a more powerful performance! Let’s take a look at the different generations of the Toyota Supra near Charlotte.

  • The first generation of this Toyota sports car in N Charlotte ran from 1979 to 1981. This performance-driven ride was introduced in Japan in 1978 and it quickly made its way over to the United States the following year! This vehicle boasted a 2.7L engine that put out 110 hp. The Toyota Supra also offered high-tech features (for back in the day, that is): power lock, power windows, cruise control, and even automatic climate control! As you can see Toyota innovation goes has a long history! You could even choose from an automatic or manual transmission.
  • The second generation of this killer ride made its debut in 1982 and ran for four years, until 1986. This version of the Toyota sports car was a lot sportier than the first generation, as it had a burlier body and pop-up headlights! By the end of this generation, this car could produce up to 161 hp!
  • The third incarnation of the Toyota Supra first made its way to drivers in 1986. For the first two generations, this ride was referred to as the Toyota Celica but the third generation separated this car from its sibling and it gained its own identity! Now sportier than ever, the Toyota now offered a turbocharged engine!

Learn why the Toyota Supra was loved by car enthusiasts

The fourth and last generation lasted from 1993 to 2002, when it was discontinued. This was the generation in which the Toyota Supra was named a supercar and truly gained its reputation as a true sporty vehicle! This Toyota now produced an astounding 320 hp! In terms of looks, this vehicle definitely looked like a sports car—short and wider stance, fixed headlights, and a sleek rear wing.

While we may not have the Toyota Supra at our Toyota dealership, we do have the N Charlotte Scion FR-S, another memorable sports car! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road and we can be reached at 888-883-3797.

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