Qatari whistleblower protests FIFA judge’s report

GENEVA (AP) — A Qatari whistleblower has formally complained about FIFA judge Joachim Eckert’s treatment of her in his World Cup bid corruption report.

Phaedra Almajid tells The Associated Press she wrote to FIFA prosecutor Michael Garcia about Eckert unethically breaching her right to witness confidentiality.

In a letter seen by the AP, she writes that Eckert “falsely discredits me in order to support his indefensible conclusion that the December 2010 bidding was wholly acceptable.”

Almajid gave evidence to Garcia alleging wrongdoing by Qatar’s bid when she was its head of international media until early 2010.

She says Eckert’s report denounced her as unreliable in a “crude, cynical and fundamentally erroneous” summary of her cooperation.

Almajid was identified as a whistleblower in a July 2011.