Wilson Revisits the Yogarteens at Quail Hollow Middle School

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –   Covered in paint, glitter and smiles, this group of girls who are part of  the Yogarteens at Quail Hollow Middle School were having a great time with Wilson when he stopped by for a second visit today.

Wilson visited with them a few weeks ago (where he attempted his best yoga pose) to find out all about  Yogarteens, a class which mixes yoga with art to create fun, fitness and community service.  The Yogarteens class is a extracurricular class that is held before or after school.

Wilson was with the girls as they were working on the “art”  part of Yogarteens.  They were preparing art projects that will be sold to raise money for local charities.  Currently the students are working on yoga block art projects which will display words and phrases that will inspire.

If your child would like to find out more about the Yogarteens class or to find out if there is a class offered at your child’s school, go to their website yogarteens.org.  Currently Yogarteens is in six schools in the area and they are hoping to get into more.

Yogarteens would like to partner with more area yoga studios to get the kids involved more in the community.  If you have a studio and would like to find out how you can connect with them please go to ther website at yogarteens.org.

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