Best of the Snark Report: Thanksgiving Edition…Giving Thanks for Those We Snarked

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Today we are thankful for those we have snarked..Bieber, Pippa, the Kartrashians, Mariah, Gwyneth, HLN, Bono and foreign leaders.

Bieber came home to party like a frat boy and the neighbors weren’t too happy.

Seems that Pippa Middleton might just snag a new job.  Wonder if it has anything to do with that sexy white bridesmaid dress?

And when it comes to filling out a dress…look no further than a Kardashian!  Today, Khloe takes on the butt challenge.

Mariah Carey showed off her assets…whether you wanted to see them or not.

If you enjoy conciously uncoupling from your money…Gwyneth Paltrow’s holiday gift  guide is for you.

One HLN anchor needs a class in animal identification.

Bono’s trademark sunglasses are a medical necessity for him.  Visiting Willie is not.

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