UPDATE: Suspects’ Family Speaks After Boy Kills Intruder

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, NC — Police released new details in the case of a 14-year-old boy they say shot and killed an intruder who was breaking into his grandmother’s home.

A shattered window shows in daylight at the Plantation Falls home. 

Tuesday night, the teenage boy stood on the other side with a gun. Police say two brothers, Carlos and Isai Delcid, were breaking into the home.
Investigators say the boy killed Isai.
“He says, I told him to stop, ‘Stop! I got a gun! Stop!” said George Wyant. 
Wyant’s grandson fired three shots just after five in the evening Tuesday.
WCCB Charlotte is concealing his name because of his young age.
He was home alone with his grandmother who called 911.
“The man was breaking into the window. He was halfway in the window,” she told the dispatcher. “My grandson told him to stop and get out of here, and he didn’t, so my grandson shot.”  She continued, “We’re home, he’s out there bleeding for God’s sake.”
That woman is Anna Marie Wyant.
She told WCCB Charlotte she knows Carlos Delcid. She says she hired him to clean her air ducts. 
Then, her husband says he came back, claiming he lost a tool.
Instead, he says, Carlos left with all his wife’s medication.
“That’s when they took all out the first time,” said Wyant.
A month later, arrest warrants say Carlos stole more pills.
“I am worried. You have to be in this situation. They want to keep coming back,” said Wyant.
Tuesday, officers say the 22-year-old left his 18-year-old brother wounded on the Wyant’s steps.
“Prayers, we need prayers,” the Delcid family told WCCB after officers arrested Carlos Wednesday.
“I’ll say there’s something not covered. There’s something, but we’ll figure it out,” said the Delcid family member. She didn’t reveal her name.
Back at the Wyant’s home, they are still worried about their grandson. 
“He didn’t back down, he stayed with it. I give him credit. Police did too,” said Wyant.
He says his grandson is a hero for protecting his ill grandmother.
Carlos is expected in court for the first time Thursday. Arrest warrants also accuse him of breaking into another family’s home in October. We will keep you updated.