Stolen NASCAR Sprint Cup Car Found; Brought Back to Mooresville

MOORESVILLE, NC – A stolen NASCAR Sprint Cup car is back at the Team Xtreme race shop in Mooresville.

The car was found along a rural Georgia road Saturday morning. Surveillance video captured it being stolen from the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel where the team was staying Friday.  

Police say the person or persons who stole that trailer probably didn’t realize there was a $300,000 race car inside.
The car’s driver, Travis Kvapil, says he was relieved to find no major damage to the Number 44 Chevy. “There’s a lot of time and effort put into this race car. And it could easily have been destroyed and we’re very fortunate to get it back,” Kvapil says.
Investigators believe the thieves might have thought lawn equipment was inside the trailer.  “Figured they were gonna drop the car and the trailer off once they seen what was in there cause they can’t have no use for that,” says Crew Chief Peter Sospenzo.
The truck has been recovered as well but the trailer and $25,000 worth of spare parts are still missing. “Yeah the most important part was we got the car back and they never touched the car.
The car was in perfect position, just like we had it,” Sospenzo says.
Even though they missed Atlanta, the team hopes to be prepared to race again next week in Las Vegas.