Do you need a Charlotte spark plugs replacement?

Unless you’re a car mechanic, it’s pretty hard to know everything there is to know about your car. This is especially true for things that happen under the hood of your ride! Here at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center, we want you to be educated about how your car functions and the different auto parts that help your car keep moving. 

Spark plugs can be easily considered one of the most important auto parts under the hood of your ride! We sat down with our Charlotte auto service techs to find out a bit more about spark plugs and the signs you need a Charlotte spark plugs replacement – check out the scoop!

Find out the 411 about your car’s spark plugs!

Spark plugs may be small car parts, but they play a huge role in your car’s function! Basically, this auto part is what gives your car the spark it needs to get going. Your engine needs a bolt of electricity in order to start and spark plugs are what help your engine start functioning. These plugs create continuous ignition in order for your engine to keep running! 

There are some obvious signs that you need a Charlotte spark plugs replacement and our Toyota service techs are sharing them with you. Check out what lets you know these parts are in need of car maintenance:

  • Your car becomes a gas-guzzler: If your fuel economy has taken a plummet, it might mean that you need to get your plugs replaced at our auto service center. Bad plugs can decrease your fuel efficiency by 30 percent, which can seriously add up over time. Gas prices are only set to rise, so make sure you get this auto service in Charlotte in order to save money at the pump!
  • Car won’t start: If your car won’t start, that’s your car telling you that your plugs need to be replaced. If your car won’t start, it could be because the plugs aren’t delivering the spark your engine needs in order to get going. By getting these auto parts checked with Charlotte car maintenance, you’ll be able to determine if your plugs need to be replaced!
  • Acceleration is affected: Another sign that your vehicle’s plugs need to be checked is weakened acceleration. Worn plugs won’t deliver that surge of energy your engine needs in order to function properly, which can be seen in decreased acceleration. Bring your ride to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center to get these car parts check out!

Perform Charlotte car maintenance on your engine today

In addition to checking your spark plugs, make sure your car engine’s doing well. You can do so by enlisting the help of our auto service center. We’ll be more than happy to check your car engine from head to toe to make sure everything is doing OK!

Visit our Toyota Service Center today! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23. We can be reached at 888-378-1214 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment!

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