‘No problem’: Schwazer says he would testify in Kostner case

ROME (AP) — Former Olympic race walking gold medalist Alex Schwazer says he is prepared to testify in an arbitration hearing over the 16-month ban given to his ex-girlfriend and former figure skating world champion Carolina Kostner.

Kostner was banned in January by the Italian Olympic Committee for helping Schwazer evade a test and other infractions.

Announcing his new partnership with World Anti-Doping Agency consultant and coach Sandro Donati, Schwazer says he is “sorry for her. If I’m called to testify in Lausanne I’ll do it without a problem. … I hope this situation she’s in ends soon.”

Both CONI and Kostner have appealed to the Switzerland-based Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Kostner and Schwazer should be able to competition in time for their next Olympics.