Drive your new Scion safely at night with defensive driving skills!

Driving at night can be a little bit intimidating for some drivers. Taking your N Charlotte Scion out on the road after the sun goes down means there’s a greater chance you’ll get into a collision because of limited visibility, animals crossing the road, and tired or intoxicated drivers.

However, you don’t have to stress hitting the road at night! We’ve got defensive driving tips designated for this time of day, so you can safely and confidently get to where you need to go. Let’s get started! 

Use defensive driving to stay safe at night on the road! 

Tip #1: Turn on your headlights! This is exceptionally important for your visibility, so you can see what’s in front of your new Scion near Charlotte and react accordingly. Half of defensive driving is being able to anticipate what’s coming and proactively prepare for it! Use your headlights from dusk til dawn. They also help other drivers on the road see YOU coming! 

Tip #2: Be careful when using your N Charlotte Scion’s highbeams when defensive driving at night. They’re fine to use when visibility is extremely low, but only if no other cars are around you. You can easily blind another driver with your highbeams and cause a collision! 

Tip #3: Leave more space! This is a cardinal rule of defensive driving in your N Charlotte Scion. You should always leave space in between your new Scion car and the car in front of you, but it’s especially important to employ this defensive driving rule at night. This leaves you more space to react quickly in an emergency! 

Tip #4: Slow down! You should follow the speed limit to use defensive driving at night in your new Scion near Charlotte. Speed limits are enforced to allow you to safely travel the road you’re on, so abide by it to keep yourself and your passengers safe. You’ll also have quicker reaction time if you’re not speeding, which lessens your change of an accident! 

Slow down your N Charlotte Scion in limited visibility! 

Tip #5: Never drive when you’re tired. Being tired severely affects your reaction time and if you fall asleep at the wheel of your N Charlotte Scion, the consequences can be fatal. Use defensive driving skills and pull over for a nap in a safe spot if you’re tired, or check into a hotel so you’re rested and ready the next morning! 

Tip #6: NEVER drive while intoxicated! It’s illegal, it’s dangerous, and it causes thousands of accidents every year. Have a designated driver planned, call a cab, call a tow – whatever you need to do to get you and your N Charlotte Scion home. Also use defensive driving skills in earnest on the weekends! There’s more drunk drivers out on the road at these times, so you need to be ready to react should an emergency arise! 

Have questions about using defensive driving at night in your N Charlotte Scion? Call us today and we can help you get prepped to hit the road after the sun goes down. Toyota Scion of N Charlotte is ready and waiting at (888) 883-3797! 

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