Spain: Folk singer Pantoja leaves jail for family visit

MADRID (AP) — Spanish folk singer Isabel Pantoja has been let out of prison for four days after completing part of her two-year sentence for money laundering.

The 58-year-old smiled and waved to fans and journalists Monday as she left the Alcala de Guadaira jail in Seville province with her brother.

The fixture in Spain’s gossip magazines and TV shows qualified for the pass to visit relatives but must return to jail later this week.

Pantoja was convicted of laundering money for Julian Munoz, a former boyfriend and mayor of the resort city of Marbella.

She was previously married to the bullfighter Francisco “Paquirri” Rivera, who died in the bullring in 1984.

Munoz was sentenced to seven years in the scheme of providing building permits in Marbella in return for bribes.