‘Dr. Oz Show’ creates new position to oversee research unit

NEW YORK (AP) — “The Dr. Oz Show” has created a position heading up the program’s medical unit and hired a physician from Consumer Reports to fill it.

The daytime health advice show announced Thursday the hiring of Dr. Michael Crupain in the newly created position of chief of staff of the medical unit. He will lead the unit that researches and verifies scripts, evaluates expert guests, and edits medical animations. He will also enhance liaisons with the medical community, the program says.

Crupain previously was director of Consumer Reports’ Food Safety and Sustainability Center.

His hiring follows a recent accusation of Dr. Mehmet Oz, the program’s host, by a group of fellow doctors that his show promotes “quack treatments.” Oz contended the attack was spurred by his support for labeling genetically modified foods.