FBI: 3 Local Men Made Explosives, Weapons To Fight US Government

GASTON COUNTY, NC – Federal documents released on Monday reveal the plan of three Gaston County men who are accused of buying guns and making homemade explosives to use during an attack on the U.S. government. 

Warrants say law enforcement received tips that Walter Litteral, 50, Christopher Barker, 41 and Christopher Campbell, 30, were attempting to manufacture explosives or destructive devices from their Gaston County homes.
Law enforcement were told the men were reconstructing live grenades from “dummy grenades” sold legally as military artifacts at stores.
Authorities believe the men were preparing for the possibility of the government using armed forces to impose martial law, which they planned to resist.
The FBI also became aware that the men wanted to manufacture pipe bombs.
Warrants show Litteral bought defensive items including a .338 caliber rifle, hand-held radios with throat microphones for communication, military issue Kevlar helmets, body armor vests and balaclavas (a form of cloth headgear designed to expose only parts of the face).
The three men are facing charges of conspiracy to violate laws governing firearms and explosives. Campbell was also charged with receiving, possessing and making firearms.
Agents raided a home on Rankin Avenue in Mt. Holly late Saturday after spending several hours in Belmont at Capones Tattoo Parlor.