Holy Smokes! Batman & Joker crash Klitschko news conference

LONDON (AP) — Wladimir Klitschko probably never thought he would come up against Batman and the Joker.

Yet that was the bizarre scene that unfolded Wednesday at a news conference in London to promote his heavyweight title defense against Britain’s Tyson Fury.

Fury ran into the room dressed as the caped crusader and took his seat at the front table. Then a man dressed up as the Joker walked in to interrupt Fury, who jumped over the table and wrestled him to the floor, knocking Klitschko’s title belts to the ground in the process.

Fury pointed to the man on his back on the ground and then to Klitschko, and told him he will end up the same way.

Klitschko called it “the most entertaining press conference I have been to.”

He added: “Give Tyson Fury a round of applause.”