Cats Clinch NFC South, Fans Show Support

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–The Panthers officially clinched the NFC South title for the third straight year, and that has fans rushing to stock up on championship gear.

No matter where you live in the Carolinas, fans everywhere are showing off their Panthers pride.
Dana Davidson and her family are one of dozens of families who pounded the Panther fan shop after Sunday’s big win against the Saints.
“This is so exciting! It’s just the only word I can come up with; so exciting, so stimulating for the city,” says Davidson.
And inside the fan shop, gear is flying off the shelves.
“You’re going to see a 100 people tonight, maybe 200. Used to be just a few; since everybody winning, everybody joining,” says die-hard fan, John “Red Fox” Jackson.
More than a hundred fans packed The Bank to see Coach Ron Rivera and get autographs during a live radio taping Monday.
And that’s where we met one of the Cats’ biggest and oldest fans.
“I bought this hat, got different autographs. I’m a old man; can’t remember everybody name like I used to!” says Jackson.
Jackson showing off his Panthers gear, says, “I’ve been wearing it 20 plus years; all autographs for real on the back.”
Many fans we talked to say the Panthers’ winning streak is about more than football, but an opportunity to bring everyone together.
“It’s great to have something to look forward to every Sunday that’s going to be exciting, and with the season going so well, it makes everybody happy; builds your spirit makes the holiday even better,” says Davidson.